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Your Investment

Investments are more than just a financial decision; they are emotional and can have a lasting impact. We believe in transparency and simplicity. The multiple decisions you make in preparation for your special day can be challenging and add stress to an otherwise intended joyful time. We provide one simple and easy to understand Day of Event price and package for your consideration. 


Day of Event

ï         We will provide up to three cameras and camera personnel for the day, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and concluding after the final event of your day (i.e., couple exits the reception, last dance, etc.) up until midnight. For instance, if the event concludes at 10:00 p.m., you will receive up to 13 hours of coverage. We don’t limit the coverage, because we don’t want to miss any of the spontaneous or memorable moments of the day. 

ï         One camera will shadow and secure footage of the bride, one camera will shadow and secure footage of the groom. The third camera will secure footage of the facility and surroundings.

ï         All three cameras will be used to capture the ceremony, as well as the entrance of the bridal party at the reception. Up to two cameras will then be used to record reception events, as necessary.

ï         Upon request and at no additional cost, footage may be shot and delivered in 4K.

ï         Drone footage of the facility, grounds, surrounding area will be secured and included, as long as weather is conducive for drone flight and within an approved flight-path.

ï         To secure the best possible audio: with permission, the groom, bride and officiant will have a small and concealed lavalier mic placed on them for the wedding ceremony. Note: If the bride does not feel comfortable with a lavalier mic being placed on her person – or if it cannot be appropriately concealed, we are still able to secure quality audio coverage of the ceremony. A portable recorder will be direct wired into the DJ’s console to secure audio of toasts and speeches during the reception, where such connection is available.  



The final product will include:

1.    A  5 – 7 minute “highlight” reel. This is a cinematic synopsis of the day’s events and will include highlight moments such as: bride/groom prep, first look(s), staged and as they happen poses, ceremony events, family – bridal party – groom and bride entrance, ceremony events, dances and abbreviated toasts / speeches – other moments as appropriate. Note: The highlight reel is most typically viewed by friends, guests and even some family members on a continuing basis.

2.    A day-reel which is typically 20 - 30  minutes, and includes longer and more in-depth coverage of special moments, including but not limited to bride/groom prep, enhanced first look, full ceremony, longer reception coverage, etc.

3.    You can expect to receive the final products within 30 – 45 days after the ceremony.

4.    You will receive the deliverable via:

-       The highlight reel will be hosted on our Vimeo and/or YouTube page and be made available for public viewing, with your permission

-       The day-reel will also be hosted on our Vimeo and/or YouTube page but it will be only visible to those with the link. You will be able to control who has access to see that video file

-       Both reel files will be delivered to you via a cloud-sharing application and will be available for you  to download for 60-days

- Both files will be delivered to you on a thumb-drive at no additional cost

- At your choice, the highlight reel can be delivered in either 1080HD or 4K Note: ensure your playback hardware is 4K enabled in order to experience the benefit of a 4K deliverable


Full Package Price : $2,950

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